Radon Testing & Mitigation Services - Real Estate Sales

This Section is to assist real estate agents and professionals in ordering a radon test for a property they have listed or sold. Please complete the form below with the property information.

Please Read: (REQUIRED) During warm weather months, occupied homes with swamp coolers are just not possible to perform a radon test since the swamp cooler must be turned off and all windows must be closed during the entire test. This makes the home unlivable during the test.

Does this Home have a Swamp Cooler? (REQUIRED)

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Buyer's Information

Testing Location Street Address

Any gate codes or special instructions to find the home:

Listing Agent's Info (If available)
We will coordinate with the listing agent to get access to the home to retrieve the tests.

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The Home Is (REQUIRED)

Please give any needed instructions on how to access home, such as lockbox code

We will confirm with you that the test has been scheduled with the seller’s agent once we have everything coordinated with them.

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Radon Pro of New Mexico, LLC is committed to the Health and Safety of all New Mexicans and Improving Property with Professional Diagnostics.
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