Radon - The Silent Killer

There is nothing more frightening than having a thief silently break into your home and rob you of everything you have.

However, there is one thing that is more frightening than that…contracting lung cancer in your own home due to a silent killer called Radon Gas. Radon gas takes the lives of up to 22,000 people a year in the United States.

What is Radon Gas?

It is a gas that cannot be detected by human senses, unlike your natural gas in the home, which has an odor to warn you of a gas leak. Radon gas comes from the ground from the decay of uranium in the soil. As it escapes from the ground it can get trapped into areas of your home, especially basements. It is the radioactive particles in the gas that damage the lining of the lungs. Over time exposure to this gas can cause lung cancer and lead to death. Simply put, you and your family can be exposed to this gas and not know it.

How to Determine if You Have Radon Gas Exposure in Your Home

A simple test in your home with a Radon Gas testing device is the only way to know if your home has high levels of radon gas exposure. The National Safety Council recommends getting your home tested to determine if your levels are in the unsafe range. Testing is easy and quick to do. It is important that you have a professional radon testing company do the test for you. Call Radon Pro of NM at 505-204-2580 and we’ll come right out to conduct the test.

How is the Radon Gas Problem Fixed?

Your home won’t be condemned if radon gas is found, but can be made safe through the installation of a radon gas mitigation system. What this system does is basically vent the radon gas from the ground area to a safe area above the house and into the open air. This creates a safe breathing environment within the walls of your home.

Be Proactive With Your Homeownership

Whether you are buying an existing home, building a new home or living in your current home, you should always have the home tested for radon gas. It is better to know than allow this silent killer to put you and your family in danger of lung cancer. If shopping for a new home let your realtor or builder know that you would like to have Radon Pro of New Mexico conduct a test for radon. Many times a builder or realtor will do that for free. And then if you do need a radon gas mitigation system, it can be included in the price of the home.

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