Inspector's Form

Instructions to Home Inspectors:  Please call us at 505-204-2580 or complete the form below for requesting a Radon Test.

It is important to remember that the test must run for 48 hours in the home for it to be tested properly.  Tests that come back high may include a radon mitigation proposal with it. We will notify the buyer or buyer's agent if the test registers above 4.0 pCi/L to answer any questions about the mitigation proposal sent.

Inspector's Information

Buyer's Information

Testing Location Street Address

Any gate codes or instructions to find the home:

We will coordinate with the listing agent to get access to the home to retrieve the tests. If there is no listing agent or there are special instructions for coordinating retrieving the test, please type here:

Home is: (required) OccupiedUnoccupied

Home Has: (required)Supra Key AccessLock box with comboSomeone will let us in

Please give any needed instructions on how to access home, such as lock box code:

Test Set Information

Closed House Conditions:
Both the windows and the outside doors were closed when I arrived to set this test.At least one window/outside door was open when I arrived but I have now closed it and this should now be a 4 day test to be valid and I will inform the clients the testing period has been extended.

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Radon Pro of New Mexico, LLC is committed to the Health and Safety of all New Mexicans and Improving Property with Professional Diagnostics.
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