Former Olympic Hockey Player Developed Lung Cancer From Radon Poisoning

Rachael Malmberg, a former member of the US Women’s ice hockey Olympic team, as a child grew up in a home that had high levels of radon gas exposure. Because of this exposure, she developed stage 4 lung cancer.

This was something she never expected. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, she started doing some research on the causes of lung cancer. She had never smoked in her life, and lived a very healthy lifestyle, so she was puzzled as to why she would develop cancer of the lungs. She knew nothing about radon at the time but learned that it was the 2nd leading cause of cancer.

Rachael went through a partial lung removal in 2017 that included a removal of 22 lymph nodes. She continues to undergo targeted therapy to keep her cancer at bay, which allows her to live a normal life and continue to work and be a mom.

Dr. Jorge Gomez, an oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City said, “Beyond treatment, the number one way to prevent radon from causing lung cancer is to get your home tested regularly.

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