Are Homeowners Naïve of the Dangers in Their Own Homes?

Radon Testing

Nationwide, the goal of owning your own home is still strong and desirable.  Whether you are a current homeowner, or a soon-to-be homeowner, most people who purchase a home or are currently living in a home, are quite ignorant of the cancerous gas that can be slowly killing them and their family. This cancer-causing gas is Radon. The EPA estimates that as many as 8 million homes throughout the country have elevated levels of radon gas.

What is radon gas? It is a gas that is emitted from decaying uranium in soil, rock and water. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless. So basically, it is not detectable by your human senses. That’s what it is commonly called a silent killer. If it is present in your home, you won’t see the effects of it until years down the road when you have developed lung cancer, even if you are a non-smoker.

You should be deeply concerned as to whether your home, or the home you are purchasing, has elevated levels of radon gas. It is so easy to get a home tested for radon gas. And then if you do have higher levels, a mitigation system, which vents the gas out of the home into the air above the house, is not that expensive to have installed.

Most homeowners are ignorant to this danger, because the danger signs are not prevalent until it is too late. Don’t fall victim to this problem by not getting your home tested. Testing gives you the knowledge to know that you and your family are safe.

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